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November 21, 2015

“I want to thank you for your services and share some wonderful changes happening in my life after your visit. The primary purpose for you visit was to improve the relationship with my mother who was coming to stay for an extended period. In the past, our relationship was good, but we lost that close connection. She arrived shortly after your visit and there was a restored closeness that she felt too. It as amazing to see the transformation of our relationship immediately after a few rearrangements around the home. I could also see positive changes in other aspects of my life such as meeting new people, weight loss, new job assignment, and the list goes on and on. Overall I just feel happier and healthier! For all these transformations and more to come, I want to thank you, Swale!
With love and gratitude,”– Olga

“Thank you for saving our home”. Why sell? Get a Feng Shui analysis, make the needed changes and WOW, we’ve fallen in love with our home again. Thank you, Swale”.– M.S. (Houston, TX)

“Mr. Fenley, your Feng Shui magic breathed life back into my apartment. You certainly have made a believer out of a skeptic”. – Lois A. (New York, N.Y.)

“Swale, hiring you as our Feng Shui master, I now consider, as important as having the right architect. Your continuous invaluable input through the complete design of our new home has helped my family and I finally realize our dream home. Thank you, thank you, thank you”. – Beth P. (Houston, TX)

“Just a short personal note to let you know how much you’ve helped me. I had you create a Feng Shui chart for me and give me a reading. I asked you how long it would take for me to notice any change in my life, and you said “Not long, results start right away.” You were right because the next day, my business started to increase and I am having the best business year, so far. And to my surprise, people treated me better than ever. People who would barely acknowledge me before, would stop and talk with me for a quarter to a half an hour. I am not only impressed in the speed and power this energy has, but in how much it has improved my life. I was a loner before, staying home seven nights a week and I now have a circle of friends and get out at least three nights every week. Life has become so much more fun. Thank you so much for your help”. – Ross L.

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