Back Into Balance

“When you purchase a home all you want to do is make that home your special place. It can be a little overwhelming trying to find that perfect something to make the blank walls and floors come together for that warm and inviting feeling you desire. Swale is the perfect person to help make that vision come to life. Swale was able to bring everything together to make an amazing space for us to call home. His attention to detail and passion show through in what he does. Swale was so gracious while using much of our own decorative items to transform each room. Then, he made amazing suggestions of new ideas and items that we could add to each area for the perfect final touches. Our entire experience with Swale was exciting and so enjoyable for the entire family! It was delightful watching Swale and my daughter go through her belongings and finding that perfect place for each item. My husband and I smiled with joy as each wall and room came to life as we had envisioned. Our time with Swale truly was one of the highlights in making our new house a home. We highly recommend Swale for all your interior design and decorating needs.”